Tuned In: the piano studio of Emma West

Piano should not be boring. I'm pretty sure there are only a few sad souls out there who think that piano should be boring.

Music should be fun! Surprising! Fulfilling! Sometimes magical. It should be something that brings you joy your whole life long and beyond. 

Since that's so important, I follow a few principles in my teaching:

  • First of all, I teach children, not just music. I am very privileged to be a trusted adult in their lives. I try to build a positive relationship with them and be interested in and supportive of them as a person.
  • I teach the solid musical skills children need to become lifelong musicians.
  • I use a variety of fun, creative activities and piano pieces to build those skills.
  • Because each child is different, I tailor repertoire, teaching techniques and lesson pacing to each child.
  • My ultimate goal is to help children find success and smiles through piano.